Monday, 27 August, 2007

i stand here lost...

i stand here lost and betrayed
the price of trust, so high
with my tears, i seem to have paid

as sad and broken i lie,
upon this rough hard stone
i hear from my lips a sigh,
and shudder to my very bone

what was my fault,
but to trust with all my heart
to open that sweet vault,
to one who simply took it apart

i loved and i cared,
but all i got in return
is this pain i had so feared,
and a soul just left to burn

and not for the first time,
i have had my heart bled
by one who doesn't care a dime,
about the despairs that render me dead

where is the hope and joy,
that would light this sordid dark
stop my heart being treated as a toy,
and make it sing like a lark

i beg u take the hurt away,
to let me soar from this abyss
at whose edge i here sway,
and see my life go amiss

unbind the ropes that bind me,
give me back my golden wings
from this autumn let me flee,
to get drenched in the bright springs

i stand here lost and alone,
but not for long i hope
unturned my heart would be from stone,
and no longer in darkness shall i grope...


Loquacious Devil said...

For the umpteenth time in my life, I'm feeling ashamed of myself for having such a bad vocabulary.. for I'm not able to recall any word that can compliment your poem..

When you read things like these.. you realise pain is not such a bad thing.. It brings out the best in us.. As they say, happiness is like a cheating lover.. comes, gives us starry dreams n then goes.. but pain is the real friend.. stays with us forever..

But, when I think of it as a friend.. I don't like you being so depressed.. Reluctant to trust n yet desperate to be understood at the same time.. Go easy babes, there's more to life than being loved by EVERYONE you meet..

And when, I think of it as a person.. I can almost feel the content.. I always do,you know.. but in a more personal way.. more up close.. Can't explain it any further.

One piece of yours.. that touched, inspired, hurt.. n made me think.
Keep it up!


umangexuberance said...

@sunila di
well this has left me completely speechless
all i can say is only you could have given so much meaning to these words
thnx..u really are my inspirtion, my force

Ankur said...

i like your poetry, even though it's in a dismal time...
it's tough to deal with this, but then with time, it shall be all ok. i know it's easier said than done, but true! as the saying goes, whatever happens, happens for good; you'll second that...soon!
i don't wanna be too preachy, but to add to what the L Devil said, you just cannot, cannot be loved by everyone around.
take care...keep rollin'!

umangexuberance said...

@ankur..thanks a lot for the concern and these soothing meant a lot..
and i am already beginning to agree with you :)
i am trying to deal with everything and taking it all out through this really helps..i am much calmer and in control of my feelings now that its all out here sprawled in words..

Darpan Dhamija said...

Really nice Vocab,....
beautiful use of words....
and emotions too are moving...
seems that u have suffered from a severe heartache...or shuld i say a heart-break.....

neways b optimistic...but keep serving wid such beautiful poems....

Reeta Skeeter said...

Ah lovely potery that... It comes from deep within...I back Ankur on all that he says here... And to add a little here I would say, 'Discover the joys of being with the self first' and then such things and ppl keep coming and going, what really remains with you is you yourself... Preachy eh? But true practically!

lucfier said...

beautiful and heart drenching,very sentimental nice use of metaphors ,par i dont know why you didnt like it .... and ya can feel the turmoil you went through while writing this but you know bad time will pass and good time will be back again soon .......
keep up the good work and hope that you write poems more often but not when you are sad ....

umang said...

@darpan..thnx i dnt kno if i really deserve so much applause..i'll try to live upto it
and well we all suffer heartbreaks and just helps to write about it.. :)

umang said...

thnx.. and point taken..that's what i am trying to able to live with myself..but sometimes its our own betrayal that hurts and breaks us more than that of anyone else and that's what i am trying to balm over.. :)

umang said...

thnx buddy..i don't know why i didn't like it..may be it reeks of too much pain and desolation..i don't know..
and i too hope i can write more poetry, though as far as happy poems are concerned..i have never been too good with them