Tuesday, 29 January, 2008

A Loser's Song

What do you, who raise your victory staff,
know of those bodies lying in a sacrificed stack

What do you, who stand with their heads held high,
know of the shame of a broken bac

What do you, who shed winning tears for the tabloid shots,
know of the strength behind a loser's plight

What do you, who have songs sung in their wake,
know of the weight of walking an anonymous mile

What do you, whose love is cherished and trust true,
know of a broken heart and a bleeding trust

What do you, who stand to receive your medals,
know of a dream amidst sweat and dust
What do you, who call yourselves the mighty winners,
know of the piteous moans of a dying ego

What do you, who have never known loss,
know of the chained freedom of letting go...

PS: i had written a poem on similar lines years ago on some scrap of paper from the back of my school register.. from what i remember of it.. i think it was much better than this one.. so i plan to look for it.. if i am lucky i might find it yellowing in some old diary.. would post it here if i find it.. till then i hope you like this one..

take care



Tuesday, 22 January, 2008

Hatke tag!

Gonecase had tagged me a few centuries back with this really innovative tag.. but at the time i was in the middle of my exams and later on , well, forgive me, but i forgot...

but now that i have finally managed to remember it, here goes

I had to chose from all the pictures i have ever clicked, two of my best or favourite shots
I am sorry I couldn't decide on just two so i have bent the rules and have chosen 4 instead
and i don't know about the best... but these are pictures that had said something to me..

took this from a moving Haryana Roadways bus with my cell.. would like to call it

I don't know why but something about this man's face fascinated me.. again one i clicked in a haryana roadways bus.. i actually spent 1 and a half hour trying to get a full shot of this face without drawing attention to myself and finally managed this one.. i would like to name it "LIFE"

This is a leaf i saw in my hostel garden and it looked more like a heart to me.. a heart on the ground waiting for its fate.. to be crushed under ignorant feet or picked up and cherished among the pages of some well loved diary.. "THE HEART ON THE GROUND.." i would call it

Doesn't it look like the trees getting reflected in a still stream?
well, the dividing bank happens to be the line in the middle of a bus's window.. and that's no reflection... i would like to name it "FALSE REFLECTIONS"

phew!! that was some tough choice.. hope you liked it as much as i did :)

take care
#queen bee# buzz buzz :D

Sunday, 20 January, 2008


Its strange how it is the little things that can make us fly and also the littlest of things that can take the wind out of our sails..

Saturday, 19 January, 2008

forever [PART-1]

Its strange how we just see people all our lives without ever wondering where they came from or where they were going..
We take it for granted that the next time we walk in the door, they would be there, doing the dishes or drying the laundry, like they had for as long as you can remember.

Its like that old classic chair in the corner of the sitting room;
it was there when you started to learn how to crawl;

it was there when you were sent off screaming to nursery school;

it was right there in its corner, when you walked in screaming with your first prize;

it was still there when you packed your bags and swaggered off to college with that smug look on your face and those stars in your eyes, telling the world, here I come to beat the hell out of you!!

And every time you come back for a vacation, a little more beaten, a little more hopeless, with a few more stars fizzled out from your eyes, it lay right there.

May be, a little more thread-worn a little bit more dusty, the paint on it paws a little more chipped, the polish a wee bit duller, but it was there…still stagnant silent..but forever

And then you walk in one cold January weekend, wheezing from a bad case of viral, still not really over the nightmare of a, not unusually, bad set of semester exams, only to find a shining new leather recliner in place of the old chair.

Turns out, forever just ended.. (to be continued..)

PS: This is actually a long work in progress, impossible to wrap up in a single post, therefore i am going to post it in parts, one part everytime i write, something like a series.
yes, i promise to continue this one unlike another such post, whose second part i never really got round to wrting, so do wait for the next part :D
take care
#queen bee# :)

Thursday, 17 January, 2008


what is boredom?

is it when u crave for company every second of the day
and can't stand people for more than two minutes at a stretch?

is it when you can't wait for the class to get over
and actually curse the college 'coz they gave you a half day?

is it when you pick up a book you have been dying to read for almost a month
and look for the smallest excuse to put it down?

is it when you go off for a walk by yourself to feel refreshed
and actually come back feeling even more tired in both body and soul?

is it when you have 10 movies to chose from
and end up not watching any 'coz u just couldn't make up your mind?

is it when you have been looking forward to your friend's big b'day bash for days
and the night before lie about some important engagement so you won't have to go?

is it when you log in to gtalk to wile away your time
and end up saying brb to everybody just to hide the fact that you have nothing to say?

is it when you spend an hour digging in the computer for your favourite songs
and turn off the playlist in the middle of the very first song?

is it when you fight with your roomie to turn off the light at nine so you can sleep
and end up lying in bed till 5 in the morning trying to find a way around your insomnia?

is it when you make exorbitant plans for your life to pass time
and can't think of three good reason why you should be alive?

is it when you have fought for freedom all your life
and can't bear the desolation it actually brought?

if it is....then it seems that i am suffering from an advanced case of boredom