Thursday, 17 January, 2008


what is boredom?

is it when u crave for company every second of the day
and can't stand people for more than two minutes at a stretch?

is it when you can't wait for the class to get over
and actually curse the college 'coz they gave you a half day?

is it when you pick up a book you have been dying to read for almost a month
and look for the smallest excuse to put it down?

is it when you go off for a walk by yourself to feel refreshed
and actually come back feeling even more tired in both body and soul?

is it when you have 10 movies to chose from
and end up not watching any 'coz u just couldn't make up your mind?

is it when you have been looking forward to your friend's big b'day bash for days
and the night before lie about some important engagement so you won't have to go?

is it when you log in to gtalk to wile away your time
and end up saying brb to everybody just to hide the fact that you have nothing to say?

is it when you spend an hour digging in the computer for your favourite songs
and turn off the playlist in the middle of the very first song?

is it when you fight with your roomie to turn off the light at nine so you can sleep
and end up lying in bed till 5 in the morning trying to find a way around your insomnia?

is it when you make exorbitant plans for your life to pass time
and can't think of three good reason why you should be alive?

is it when you have fought for freedom all your life
and can't bear the desolation it actually brought?

if it is....then it seems that i am suffering from an advanced case of boredom


geet said...

abt brb on gtalk, thats wht my friend does to me and i hate that (i am again getting angry grr).why can't ppl say it directly that he/she does not want to chat during that time as i do !!!

what i feel from the boredom points u mentioned is that you are thinking of something else(maybe something happnd in past) and you have not completed with it(yes, COMPLETE) and it has made a home in ur mind. well thats my point of view.

but you stay happy and smilin like ur name. come of this boredom jaldi jaldi. take care.

humbl devil said...

hmmm...not for me...heheh


Anonymous said...

hey boredom is sitting in a classroom training session and listening to the rant of the instructor who just doesnt stop!!!!!!!

Sam said... somehow defines my current state of mind soooo perfectly!! :)
"is it when you have fought for freedom all your life
and can't bear the desolation it actually brought?" I loved this one, going home today thankfully!! :D
And after reading this post of yours, I respect you more as a blogger!! :)

Vandita said...

boredom is having to do never ending to do lists... and not wanting to strike off even one task off em.
btw awesomely summed up!

umangexuberance said...

lolzzz... i know what u mean.. but i have seen it is some times impossible to do dat... i.e. be honest.. and who knows.. may be ur friend is genuinely busy

and well as far as there being something in my past i am trying to forget.. yes there is a lot in my past i am trying not to think about
but basically i am just plain bored 'coz i really don't have anything to do
and thanks for visiting.. do come again :)

umangexuberance said...

@humble devil
lolzz.. i am happy for u :D

and R.I.P??

umangexuberance said...

lolzzz.. i know exactly what u mean :D

umangexuberance said...

i am glad there is someone who can understand the meaning in that line.. it is also the line closest to my heart in this post
and i am truly honoured to have gained your respect].. i hope i can hold on to it :)

umangexuberance said...

aaah now that is a good kind of boredom :D

and thanks :)

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

boredom is four 7am-7pm international seminars one aftr d othr and a 9am-7pm national seminar next week...

umangexuberance said...

@bubbles of firewhisky i seriously pity you :)

by the way u have denied me permissionb to read your blog :( i am heartbroken :( :( :(

Vandita said...

on behalf of bubbles of firewhisky, the permissions thing is coz her blog is kinda under renovation... dont ya worry shes comin back soon

Ankit Jain said...

u have said all i wish could have written and infact these are the same things we both are siffering from
wish could have easily give a damn to it but bloody this is bore dom and seriously u cnt do nything abt it

nice and spledid job done full justice
me a big fan of yous after this

Ankur said...

needless to say, a superb post!
if i think of writing something like this, i'd stop after the 4th line, but you just went on and on... :-)
i liked the fact that you could sense all this and then put it all to words perfectly.
as for me, boredom results from anticipating an outcome without action and the result being a contradiction.

umangexuberance said...

thanks :)

lol... well i had to do something to ward off that boredom and with nothing to write about.. i decided to put my ailment to some use :D
thanks for visiting :)

Hershey said...

a friend directed me to this post.
i will tell you what boredom is..

boredom is not just being too bored to read this whole post, but too bored to finish writing your comment comple..
catch you later.