Monday, 28 April, 2008

officially out of hell

Its been a long long time since I wrote here. This place has been my white queendom.
The place where I poured out all the stark white depression of my life. My hell.
This is the place which let me heal my deepest wounds. This is also the place where I shared my joys and highs. But at one point I realized the muck I had let out here was beginning to stick to me and I felt a need to get away. A need to let go of the past, the pain the sorrow, a need to be born anew. So, in one stroke, I left. Left for a new untainted beginning. Left for a place where there was no pain. I moved towards a transformation.
Yet a tie had remained.
Today, a year to the day I started this place, which became the core of my existence, I officially wrap up this bundle for good.
I am officially closing my blog.
I feel a lot of things...

A sense of joy for having gotten over my past.
A sense of loss for putting a final lid over some of the most honest emotions I have ever let out.
A sense of gratitude for the wonderful friends I found through this space and the support I got from them...

But I must not linger now.

my dear kingdom of white white sand..
I bid you one final goodbye..
don't let time blow away the prints I have left..
don't let my silent whispers die..