Saturday, 23 June, 2007


people talk about belonging, of having roots...

but i, i don't belong

i am not a tree, held in place by its roots, a silent sufferer,
stuck...unable to fight back or run...bound

i do not belong to any person, any place, any culture, any religion..
i am free, of facets, habits, choices and desires

for me they all change as i change

i have no master and no slaves...

no one owns me...not even myself

i am like the wind...

get the right glider and i'll let you fly with me but try to put me
in a box or shape me with a mold and i am gone....without a trace..

my freedom is what i live for what i am and what i ever will be..

and i'll never let anyone take it away...

dream of owning me delude yourself...if you want will amuse me for a while
and i'll let you live this illusion but then...then i'll be gone..

in a new direction to explore a new frontier...on a new path flying free...

getting to the the end of this universe and plunging forth beyond it to find my own..


Supriya said...

hope u find it soon:)

Sunila said...


umangexuberance said...

hmmm...and how am i suppose to interpret that??
and where have you been?
are you home?
missing you loads
do catch me some time