Monday, 25 June, 2007

serious desperate crap!!!

Well, ever since i came home for my has been one lazy

My schedule includes:-

-waking up at ten with my mom screaming something about not even
making my bed in time

-eating a large breakfast

-watching tv till my mom switches it off and literally throws me
into the bathroom

-watching some more tv till its time for lunch...

-eating a heavy lunch (the reason i don't fit into my jeans anymore)

-fighting with my sister over everything from the remote to the lappi
to why she keeps pulling my cheeks etc...

-dozing off in the afternoon like a ninety year old

-using the internet on my lappi(when i manage to wrestle it fro my sister)

-writing useless posts in my blog and if even that dries up then browsing
through blog templates just to pass time

-chatting with old pals about the same good old boredom every day

-staring at the ceiling planning everything from next years vacations
to my cousins wedding, contemplating the most imaginative ways of
committing suicide or working out what i could have been if not a dumb
engineer in the making(a career i already detest)

-well then its time for dinner...
and after that is my favorite time of the walk when i get
some solitude and listen to all those old songs and himesh hits
the 4 fm channels we get here play...
which gets me thinking if himesh with his nasal twang cap and
stubble could be the reigning rock star what i need to come up with
to make it big...

-well its time to drop off to sleep again

I think boredom kills you my friend put it...we are on our
own extended funerals..

i know what i have written absolute crap here but as i said this is
my only salvation and if i don't get anything else to do i might
turn into a compulsive writer soon...



Supriya said...

same here.. exactly the same daily schedule!
and yes I have a sister too... :P

umangexuberance said...

i can

Vandita said...

"I think boredom kills you my friend put it...we are on our
own extended funerals.."
wow thats just so true :D