Monday, 2 July, 2007

why talent shows are useless

I recently came across an interesting post by Soup called
"talenting the hunt" about the latest crop of talent shows we see
populating practically every channel on cable TV...

Well i certainly could not agree more with her
These shows are absolutely nothing but a big waste of time

The participants use everything from poor financial backgrounds
to hopeless love stories...
from sore throats to ill parents to gain the sympathy and votes of the audience...
because thats what its all about...THE VOTES...
and talent just gets lost and forgotten along the way...
recently one such tactic caught my attention for its humor value
if nothing else...on one such show we had the host telling the
audience how the father of one the contestants being an astrologer
had predicted that his son would not make it in the field of singing
and so he was here to prove his father's prophesy false and so we
the audience was called upon to make his dream of proving his father
wrong come true...well i most certainly have never heard a more convincing
reason for voting for some one...pun intended

this is not all...

if we have the contestants baring their souls to pull at our
then on the other hand, the judges leave no stone unturned to keep
the drama alive with strange antics walkouts and filmi dialogs
to keep the TRP ratings high and to reestablish their own
public standing...we have some being father and mother figures
complete with bonding dancing and tears which seem to demand the
least provocation to fall..they even sensationalize their prodigies'
so called private lives by hinting at possible linkups between the
contestants thrown together or even the hosts themselves...

and then, we also have those judges who go the other extreme and be
nasty enough to put the most notorious dictators to shame
they reduce the contestants to tears fight with the co-judges and
through some heavy-duty dialogs, enough to inspire any script writer
of drama movies, make it pretty clear that their loyalty
is only to talent and they settle for nothing short of perfection
and so on and so forth...they make you hate them hence you watch
them...well its all about being famous,
who cares if it has an in- prefixed to it...

Well so on and so forth the drama continues...but do these shows
actually have an audience and if so do they really serve their purpose
of being talent hunts??

Does anyone really watch to judge or even enjoy the talent of these

I think not...

the only reason these programs are watched if at all is for their drama value

As the number of these shows has multiplied, the craze for them among
the audience has plummeted and the competition among the various
channels for viewer ship has led to the above mentioned tactics...

and what is the result??

the result is a circus with the innocent contestants as the jokers
their dreams their careers their emotions being played with
and what for but a few days of fame...because thats all it is about
no matter how many dreams of becoming the next superstar
of ever-enduring fame are shown to them the truth remains that once
the show is over nobody remembers the winners any more than
the also-rans

all they win is a car some bucks and an embarrassing oblivion...

and what worse fate can be than being in the limelight one day...
the toast of the nation...and an unknown the next...
They are left alone to deal with the loss of faith self-esteem and the shattered pieces of their precious dreams...

to savor the bitter taste of a Defeated Victory...


Supriya said...

the result is a circus with the innocent contestants as the jokers
their dreams their careers their emotions being played with
and what for but a few days of fame...

I loved it !!!!!!!!

lucfier said...

hmm can't agree with you more , i was discussing d same with my friend and we came to the conclusion that all this is done so that these channels get a lot of ads ,revenues trps etc without having to spend much as these contestants are not paid and only one of them is given a deal which is quite cheap considering the amount these shows make these channels earn it doesnt matter who wins or loses its cause its a win win all the way for these channels