Sunday, 3 February, 2008

Dilli ab door nahi!! :D

Hello everybody!

Its February, and its that time of the year again..

Flowers.. Chocolates.. Truffle cake.. Gifts.. Partying.. Surprises.. aaah.. mmmmm... :sigh: :sigh:

No, I was not talking about the much hyped Valentine's Day
I don't really see much logic behind raising such a hue and cry over it..
I mean come to think of it,

For people in love, every day is a Valentine's day..
and for people not in love (like me!!), Valentine's day is just another day..
so what's the rush about eh?

Anyway, what i was talking about was my Big day bole to mera BUDDAY!!!, which falls on 17th of February, and I can barely contain my excitement. For those, who don't know me personally, and have been spared the torture of being reminded everyday of the coming event :D,
I am about the only person you'll find who gets sooooooo excited about her b'day..

My friends tell me that I am worse than a kid, to find out why..well, just read on.. :

Since December, every time I meet someone, and i mean anyone... my friends, their parents, bf's, gf's, grand parents, aunts, uncles etc. etc... I manage to somehow steer the conversation towards the fact that my b'day is coming!!

I have given in to shocking everyone, by exclaiming in the middle of a studying/sleeping/crying/laughing/
whatever-else-its-possible-for-a-room-full-of-people-to-do room, something like
"mera b'day ane wala hai!!! yippiiieee!!!"

Every time we are in the middle of celebrating anyone's B'day, I have an uncanny habit of bringing up my b'day again with a "mera b'day ane wala hai!!! yippiiieee!!!" and a worse still ,"mere budday pe to hum ye karenge, mere budday pe to hum wo karenge"

I keep reminding all my friends that my favourite flavour in cake is chocolate truffle, and if they dare get anything else for my b'day.. well they are dead

I have been hounding my friends to get their minds to work, and to start planning my budday and have been threatening them to either come up with some biiiiiiiiig surprise and something really special and imaginative, or else.. GRHHH..!!..

I spent one whole night looking for a good b'day counter for my blog and put this one up a few days ago for the whole world to see.

I got scolded by the warden recently for scribbling on my room's wall.. I am sure you would have guessed what the inscription read, yes you were right, it was "Umang's B'day-- 17th February :D"

and the list continues.. and now that its coming closer, I can hardly sit for a minute without fantasizing about it.. :sigh: :sigh: ..
I am going to get my hair straightened.. get a brand new dress .. hang out with my friends.. get loads of snaps clicked.. and just be a princess :D :D :D

By the way what triggered this post was the fact that it was my friend's b'day today and we all went to Select City Walk in Saket.. it was awesome to say the least.. we all had a blast.. sat in one of these tent like things on the terrace, put cake all over the b'day boy's face, complete with a red cherry on his nose(a lady walking past our tent actually got her baby daughter to come and look at him, telling her that he was a clown.. after that we had kids peeking into our tent every few minutes trying to catch a glimpse of the "clown" :D :D), had some great food, though the chilly chicken was way below par(well u can't have everything now, can u??), did loads of window shopping :D and finished it off with pics next to the wonderful fountains..
aaah and yes how can i forget the whole group singing off key at the top of our voices all the way back to the hostel..
in one sentence.. "it was pure undiluted FUN!!.."
I hope my budday is just as much fun.. hehe..

Phew!!! now that's what I call a really long, really vella post.. but who cares?? I am happy today and vaise bhi.. "mera budday ane wala hai!!!!" ;) :D :D :D

love, luck, loads of hugs kisses and buzzes!!

#queen bee# :D :D

PS: By the way I love surprises, am a real sucker for imaginative ones, so if any one of you want to give me some.. i would love it!! hehe.. see there i go again :D


Reeta Skeeter said...

Seems like u had a lottttt of fun today.
Tera budday bhi suppa coool hoga :D

humbl devil said...


mera koi dost itne demand rakta toh...pata hai mai(aur mere dost) kya karta??

choc truffle ke box mai koi pineapple jaisa flavour daalte and pound the nakrewala/ sure are lucky you dont know me... :P
anyways....happy buddddday(in ur words:P) in advance....

Ankit Agarwal said...

Hmmm.. I can so very relate to this.. Happy Birthday in Advance.. Wish you loads of luck.


freesherry said...

lol.. i pity ur friends :p

Ankur said...

you rule that day of the it and love it! :)
happy birthday!

umangexuberance said...

i had oodles of fun
feeling really exuberant :)
great to break away from the boredom of the past few days :D
i hope so
thankuuuuuu :)

umangexuberance said...

@humble devil
and then fir main jo tumko sari umar sunati wo??

and anyway i am worth all the nakhras.. and my friends know that :P :P

umangexuberance said...

yes i am sure you can relate to it.. i remember torturing you quite a lot last year.. and i remember you telling me you found it cute.. well times change and perceptions change ;) :P
thank you

umangexuberance said...

but i do make it up to them by being such a sweetheart :D

umangexuberance said...

@ankur.. lol
yes that day i am a princess :)
thank you :)

Vandita said...

dairy mein likh liya hai umang ka bday aane waala hai!!!
ROFL on the things u cute:)

umangexuberance said...

thank u hai jee..chalo koi to hai jo hmare budday ki inni kadar karta hai thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...

Umang ka dubbay or valentine day umango se bhara hoga aur khushiya lekar aayega

umangexuberance said...

lol.. valentine's is not exactly my day ;)
but i hope mera "dubbay" mast jaye :D

humbl devil said...

hum itne bhi beraham nahi...ek cake pounding ke liye aur doosra surprise...hehehe

on second thots y not pound someone with their fav choc truffle and not let them have any???

Sam said...

Seems that I put up a post "just for you"!! Well, its refreashing to see someone soooooooooo excited about their Birthday after a long long time.. Keep up the spirit!! :)

maverick said...

lol..nice post...reminds of my engg days..wen bday started with bumps..n damn i had so many football players as was diffcult walkin for a few days with the kicks one m sure u ll ve a great bday..happens to fall a day before my dads.. sure u ll get a lot of surprises ;)

Tabz said...

U succcchhhhaaaa small adorable baby!!

Happy Birthday in advance sweetie!
Waaarm Huggggg

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Girl you are such a kiddo!

Well I guess once in a while everyone should go crazy!Happy anticipating :)

umangexuberance said...

@humble devil
nice idea.. i just hope none of my friends read it :D

umangexuberance said...

@sam.. lol.. thanks
and haan mera kuch ni ho sakta main aisi hi hun :D

umangexuberance said...

lol.. thank God i don't have any football players among my friends :D
and great, wish your dad from my side :)
i have my fingers crossed for the surprises

umangexuberance said...

lol.. thank God i don't have any football players among my friends :D
and great, wish your dad from my side :)
i have my fingers crossed for the surprises

umangexuberance said...

thnks :)
u are an absolute darling yourself

umangexuberance said...

yes i know i am a hopeless kid and a crazy one at that :)

crasiezt said...

You're a tough nut to crack eh? Give your friends a hard time on your bday girl:D
Not too many days left..tick tock tick tock..
By the way loved the post..truly adorable:-)

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

where's the party??

umangexuberance said...

@craziest lol.. i don't know about the tough part.. but i am a nut alright :D
and yes its almost there.. i can smell the cake :sigh:

thanks :)

umangexuberance said...

its in gurgaon and of course u r welcome :)

crasiezt said...

I want a piece of it too:-(

umangexuberance said...

sure, i'll treat u to one the next time u are in gurgaon