Wednesday, 3 October, 2007

Of dark linings and silver clouds...[part-1]

I was supposed to finish this post on the night of the 20-20 world cup..but for matters of the heart or the has lain incomplete in my drafts..i know its not relevant anymore to anyone(probably never was :D) i know its pure crap for all and a bit too long at that..the reason i am posting this is 'coz i promised myself i will...'coz i needed to break the jinx of never writing a post i promise myself i would..'coz sometimes, i just love writing crap..its a high in itself :D..anyway lets cut the crap :D so go ahead people read on...

Well..people talk about dark clouds with silver linings..and here i am with a day which seems to be the perfect example of a dark lining followed by a glorious silver cloud :D
here i was starting the day with my phone gone kaput..with some very strange painful burning ugly insect bites all over my shoulder arms, legs ankle, a** and a lot of other places i am not going to mention..
college started with stares and questions about the rather suspect looking huge mark on my neck which to my great embarrassment resembled a rather violent love bite, thanks to those kidas everybody in the college now thinks, i have a rather vicious love life :|

well, thats not the dark lining was just getting thicker...

So, college ended and i went in the sweltering heat to the rather grubby part of sector-14, all alone, looking for the "nokia service centre"..almost died thrice trying to cross the merciless main roads of gurgaon (i know this sounds kiddish, but i am real bad at crossing roads..have had quite a few knights in shining armors save me from those street fact i am quite convinced I'll end up being run down while crossing the road..i.e. of course if a lizard manages not to fall on me first :D..psst..refer lizardo phobia)
Well somehow i finally made it to the nokia centre alive, only to be made to wait there for an hour, thirsty, sweating, tired and the only girl there and that too alone among a set of staring, lechering, crotch-scratching rough men..agree i have had loads of practice in the IGNORE-GAME but i don't deny being all alone there was scary..
so to take my mind off my ever thickening-lining..i started watching this movie that was playing on mute on the dilapidated TV set in the corner..i think the name was "zamana" starring a rather lost looking rishi kapoor as a self-righteous gangster angry at his principle-wadi elder brother played by a well-past-his-bloom Rajesh Khanna :D
but the best part was the funny dancing fight sequence by the effeminate dance teacher of one of the female leads
one of the most hilarious sequences i have seen till date..i was so absorbed i almost did not hear my name being called..
so finally my turn came and you must be thinking there goes..time for the silver cloud..

not so soon..the lining is still not dark enough it seems :D

so the impatient guy behind the desk asked me to quickly state what was wrong
as always i started by forgetting my model number then fumbled along with my complaint
he took a look n told me with a grin "madam iska to LCD udd gaya h minimum 4000 ka kharcha ayega...bolo..kara dun thik :D"
you can imagine as soon as i heard 4000..i could see the lining stretch to cover the horizon..
so i left the centre with my broken cell in one hand and the dark line in the other :|

started my journey back to the hostel but then decided to go up to the main market to gorge on some food to kill my blues..and since God seems to have created me with a dysfunctional compass..i ended up getting lost in the myriad streets of sector 14..had to ask for directions from 3-on-1-scooter-mustached-grinning-school-kids...hehe...well, ok may be not a very dark edge to my thick dark lining..

now its time for the silver cloud to blossom...

to be continued.. ;)


Tabz said...

i can imagine ur plight sweetie-pie!! Delhi (NCR)is full of hyper-active, excess testosterone exuding Males!!

Same story happened with me wen i ws hopelessly rummaging for the nokia service centre!

n hws the love bite... errrr i mean kida-bite!! :P :P

umangexuberance said...

@tabz lolz..what's with nokia service centres and lusty men?? ;):D
and the ill famed love err kida bite is much better now..doesn't attract as many gazes anymore :D

DestinyFavChild said...

aagey kya hua? Jaldi post karo :D

see i am not commenting on the "love bite" :P

FireWhisky said...

"rather suspect looking huge mark on my neck which to my great embarrassment resembled a rather violent love bite, thanks to those kidas everybody in the college now thinks, i have a rather vicious love life"

lolz... i knw the feeling!!! we hv spiders in our pg... so u cn imagine...

n these nokia wala's r such insufferable knw it alls rnt they??? [:|] my fone went kaput earlier this month n he's lk "madam, 5000 ka to kharcha hai theek karwane mein. usse accha to aap naya fone khareed lo."

looking 4wrd 2 part II...

umangexuberance said...

ahaan ahaan ahaan
said it all and didn't say a word..hmmmm
yes yes i am going to write part 2 soon please bear with me till friday..project presentation you see.. :|

i hate to say this again but "welcome to the club" :D :D
all us hostel/pg-wallas have our spidey tales to tell :D
and yes these nokia wallas are absolute luteras and my phone is jinxed i got it repaired and the very same night my mom dropped a glass on it and the screen broke again :| imagine!!!

oblique-skeptic said...

although, i've a better compass, i too do believe that a lizard is potent enough to kill me.

thank god its winters again. no lizards for a quarter or so.


Gonecase said...

Now that's an interesting read and left me impatient for the sequel. Why is it that one day you wake up and things start going wrong, one after another, as if it was planned, makes me believe in God "Bhagwaan pe bharosa rakh puttar", hehe

umangexuberance said...

but i still have 3 currently in residence in my room
i almost died yesterday when i found one sleeping soundly on my project report :| :|

hehe..i promise i'll finish part-2 today
and yes i know those "one-of-those-days" days too well..
actually i tend to have them a little more frequently than the rest of the world
i am JINXED :D :D

Gonecase said...

More frequently! You are not working yet, get into a job and you'll forget the notion called good days,hehe

umangexuberance said...


ya i can figure that much out from your poem :D
sometime next year i would probably get a first hand sampler of what you mean, till then.. :D

Gonecase said...

I hope your till continues even after that :)

umangexuberance said...

thnks..i hope so..though i have my doubts it would..considering how lazy i am.. :D

miracle child!! said...

this something that made me honest laugh..and the laugh lasted for more than a couple of minutes!!...i hope you got that!

umangexuberance said...

@miracle child
i am truly honoured.. ;) :D