Monday, 3 September, 2007

My soaring heart

As i look through my glass window
out onto the rain drenched grass
i see it all shine with a wild glow
and free itself from all that's crass

as i hear the patter of the wild drops
onto my widow of solid glass
i feel my heart do little flip flops
whining to be free of its cage of glass

i wish i could feel the drops on my face
washing away all the tarnished paint
leaving behind a peace in its place
and a soul without any worldly taint

i wish i could climb out though this glass
and touch the vibrancy of this colourful play
walk barefoot in the soothing grass
and roll in the flowerbeds like a dreamy stray

i wish i could fly off into the heavenly spray
jump onto a cloud of fluff and snow
with its dense depths to lose my way
and feel the springs of love flow

i wish i could mount the horse of pain
befriend it,be one with it
not let it be my bane

i wish and i wish till i reach the end of my wit
and then..then i feel my heart soar
free with its wishes
at last,
free from its binding core

higher and higher it rises thus
breaking through the glass
with no more fuss
feeling the wet grass
with the tip of its lip
ringing with the wind
like a leather whip..
one with every wish
one with each dream
higher and higher it rises thus..


karan said...

Gud work Ms Sharma... well done.. i sincerely likd d last stanzas.... one showing hopefullness...:)

i understood the startn in the 2nd go... bt ovrall its quite nice...

karan said...
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umangexuberance said...

thnx a lot
ur comment was very encouraging
feels good to write about hope for a change..
pain brings out the best in me but now i am trying to make hope my strength..hope it works :)