Thursday, 6 September, 2007


Tears oh! tears, why don't you come
to fall away, reduce the pain some..

I need you to drown my sorrows in
to wash the guilt and purge my sin

I pray and i beg, come make me strong
as i sit here in the dark, hiding from the throng

Flow down my cheeks, and my soul
cleanse my heart, make me whole

Slide down the length of these dirty planes
like the rain drops slide down the window panes

Come not like the gentle shower
but destroy me with a torrent of far

Let me as a Phoenix rise anew
from the ashes of my past slew

As deeper deeper you shall fall
weightless and free my heart shall soar

So tears oh! tears come forth come hither
leave your humble abode and save me from wither...


karan said...

mast hai re... kaha se maara[:P].. jokin...
realli gud bacche... simple yet so deep

umangexuberance said...

thnks a lot
i hope i can keep it up
aj kal kuh zyada hi poetic ho gi hun