Saturday, 8 September, 2007

Thinking of you...

I sat here today, thinking of you
of memories gone by, old and new..

of the laughter that we spilled, to the tears not so dry
of the games we played, and the dreams we let fly
of the songs that you sung, so raucous to the ear
yet mellow to my soul, to my heart so near

i thought today, of those everlasting talks
the picnics we shared, those long winding walks
of those sweet good-nights, and the wake up calls
of the care we felt, the doubts all false

you came into my life, raised me anew
gave me back my wings, guided me till i flew
you held me close, kept me warm in the snow
gave a spring to my step, and to my cheeks a glow

you flirted, made play
yet many a personal dragon, you helped me slay
you tempted me, yet made me strong
made me accept things, i had deemed wrong

i sat here today, thinking of the bad times too
of the times you made me cry, the hell you put me through
of the mistakes we made, the hurt we let loose
of the times i hated you, these times make me muse

i think, i smile,at the past we left behind
regrets that should have been, the rues i fail to find
i am to you, but a whiff from the past
yes i know, it's only the memories that last

we both glided away, into our worlds, so far
and looking back today, is like seeing a distant star
strange and far off, these memories seem to be
yet like that eternal star, they shall shine down on me..

as i sat here today, thinking of you
as i wrote it all down, and read it through
i felt something melt, yes, i finally let you go
and i sit here calm, just letting my tears flow...


DestinyFavChild said...

a new person emerging out of yesterdays dark shadows... :)

umangexuberance said...

hmmm..from yesterday's shadows into tomorrow's..there is no running away from these shadows..

Loquacious Devil said...

You know, I'm thinking of something.. :P

Supriya Narang said...

atleast something positive came out of it

umang said...

ya...n thats all its abt..looking at the positive side :)