Friday, 7 September, 2007


If God is All-Powerful, then nothing a human being does could affect him. For, if a human act could please or displease God, then human beings would have power over God.
So either, God is not All-Powerful or God doesn't give a hoot what you or i do. But if God isn't All-Powerful, then He isn't really God and He couldn't send us to hell even if He wanted to. So, sin at well; for, either God doesn't care what we do or he cares but can't do anything about it.

P.S. this was as one of the passages in the MOCK SNAP. food for thought isn't it...
well, now i can finally put my guilty conscience to rest for good :D


tanushreem said...

well...nice...itna sochti hai???waise that was food enuff to fill my tummy :D rest...ur poems were awesome...great writting flair...u'll make a good writer!!!

thumbs up!!!

umangexuberance said...

waise dis wsnt by me as i hv mentioned in the PS section of the post :D
but the poem are my own..hope to come up to ur expectations
and abt the writer part..ter muh me ghee shakkar :D

DestinyFavChild said...

Point taken !! :D