Thursday, 22 November, 2007

Hmmm...2 more 'ME' TAGs eh?

Kindly bear with yet another tag in such quick succession to the last...or rather two tags
i was tagged by sameera and humbl devil with two different tags..
and my apologies for such a late reply..i am really u know..just didn't get round to answering these
so, without further ado...i am going to reply to both of them in this post...


First up is sameera's tag, which was to mention seven random things about me...
aaaah now this is the kind of tag i love..for those few souls who have been saved the torture of knowing me personally..i love talking about me me me all the time :D
i am my favourite topic in any conversation..uhm uhm
so the seven first things that come to my mind right now are:

1. I love words..i have built my life around and with words..and sometimes i feel that is what i have turned into..a word..just a word..everyone who comes across me has a different interpretation for me..a different meaning..a different view and i am a sum of all these different perceptions..

2. I love knowing them, caring about them and pampering them(and that's not always a very good things it seems..from experience i have discovered that people tend to prefer people who don't give a damn to those who actually care and worry about how they feel..well but i can't quit caring so..)

3. I love traveling and going to new dream is one day go on a road trip all by myself all alone without telling a soul and discovering this world anew on my own..

4. I love to just get lost in random streets when i am looking for a new park, nook or corner, i can claim as my own..just sit there munching something..listening to music may be, clicking away and just thinking about the happiness that only i can give myself in moments like these..tranquil.. at peace..and yet bubbling over with thoughts feelings and desires that i am trying to understand and interpret..
telling myself to be strong and to love myself before i expect others to love me..
discovering new things about myself..

5. I love reading..a good book can turn me deaf, mute and blind..sometimes i stop reading the book and start living it..nothing gives me more pleasure than losing myself like that..away away i fly off to lands unknown away from all that i know all that i have seen all that i have lived..its a great cry one moment and laugh the die one second and come alive the next..that is the magic only books have mastered...and no non-reader can ever understand the lure of it

6. I love being pampered and loved..and yet to be set be left to fly..i wish i could be the centre of someone's universe to make someone crazy about me and to feel just as crazily about someone and yet i can never survive in a relation that doesn't give me the space to breathe and have a life of my own...contradictory?? well that's me

7.Aaah last...well I Love writing, blogging scribbling helps me put into perspective the things i don't even know i am thinking..and the feedback i get is a high in itself..i always write from my honestly as i can..especially when it comes to my blog..i write all that flows out of me in one go..i sometimes don't even stop to think what i have written..they are not premeditated..the words just flow out as i type..and i post the very first draft..that is why my posts are not all polished and of the highest quality..they are just me..


time for the second tag...
it was something about..the expansion of my middle name..since i don't have any and have to chose one on my will be


i am sure none of u are surprised by my choice nothing else suits me well :D

C: well the C just has to be for "CONTRADICTION" as everything from my profile to my posts show..i am full of contradictions..i am so many different colliding clashing shades rolled together..its hard to say which one will come up in the cauldron next to stain the next sand dune of white sands..i could be that girl sitting in the middle of a group chattering away to glory and guffawing without a care in the world..the twinkle in her eye could only mean adventure is in the air and she is up for it
..and then i could also be the girl sitting alone next to the window in a restaurant sipping her coffee and munching on her hot dog..staring at the people passing by..with a smile playing on her lips..lost in her own world..quiet and at peace..
i could be that girl in the party with perfect manners and etiquettes..the perfect lady
and then i could also be the one jumping around in the mud not giving a damn about my jeans and top..the favourite di of the galli ka bachas..and i could be just so many different girls..even i don't know how many different contradictions i live each day..may be i'll write a post about some more of these one of these nights..till then keep guessing who i could be next :)

R: "ROMANTIC" i am a hopeless one..sweet romance with that innocent honesty and a heavy dose of imagination and u have me on my knees :D i am a sucker for romantic songs, movies, stories and the works you know :)

A: "AQUARIAN" i am a typical crazy, wacky, unpredictable aquarian...
freedom is what i strive for
idealist i am to my very core
honesty is my true belief
friends are people i could die for
dreamer i am of lands unknown
wit and intelligence touch my soul
i am curious and question it all
ignorance could kill me
the unknown calls
i am an aquarian
free as the air
unpredictable to all
i am as much the beauty
as i am the beastly troll

Z: "ZOOM" yes..zoom..i like to see everything in zoomed in it life people things ..everything..i love observing them and knowing them to the fullest..discussing them with myself..discovering some hidden part of the picture..that's my hobby :)

Y:"YUMMY" hehe..i know strange choice for a definition..but since this is about me it has to have something to do with food..i am a foodie especially when it comes to non-veg i am a die hard trying new dishes..experimenting with what i eat...everything from road side thelas to cool hangouts have me as a patron..the paneer roll wala from the nukkar greets me with just as much pleasure and familiarity as the chic owner of the posh little eat-out near my place..

phew!!! finally done..pretty long post for a tag eh? but nothing shorter could have done justice to them both...
now its my turn to i tag(with both the tags):

Reeta Skeeter
D Sinner
and to any one else who might want take it up...go ahead people but keep me posted :D
#umang# :)


d SINNER!!! said...

m thinkin of changing my name...(tags, tags n more tags...phew!!!)

just kiddin/..

well, loved the definition for Z...quoth unquoth..ZOOM" yes..zoom..i like to see everything in zoomed in it life people things ..everything..i love observing them and knowing them to the fullest..discussing them with myself..discovering some hidden part of the picture."....

keep it up grlie..

anonme said...

I loved the part where we start living the books we read!
Thats definitely something no non-reader will understand..
I find a lot of shades of my own self in u umang.. Do u mind if i blogroll u?
Also understand the part where the words just flow out! When i start writing a draft, i don hav any preset ideas, and when i finish i'm surprised by how the post turned out..
Very well written! :)

umangexuberance said...

@neha...thanks and i am hoping to read your reply soon :)

umangexuberance said...

@anome...thank you
its great to know somebody thinks and feels the way i do..that is another good thing about brings us into contact with like minded people
of course you can blogroll..i would love to read your blog too but seems like its not in the public listing.. come again :)

maverick said...

@umang...nice post....liked both the tag replies...the choice for middle as crazy was funny..but the explanation was kewl...and the 7 random things abt u...interesting..quite a few similarities eh ;)

umangexuberance said...

let me know which all :D
and crazy..well that's what i a :D

just a nice girl said...

"its a great cry one moment and laugh the die one second and come alive the next..that is the magic only books have mastered" - really beautifully written and I guess many of us can relate to this.. because books are really magic :)

d SINNER!!! said...

yeah...will be puttin up soon...will tell ya....

umangexuberance said...

@just a nice girl

thank you..yes anybody who likes reading can relate to this :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Umang for tagging me. But I have already done this tag from someone i already guess. Pass me some another tag and i would do it for sure. :))

umangexuberance said...

too time i'll make sure u haven't been the tag before :)
take care :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

I love to just get lost in random streets when i am looking for a new park, nook or corner, i can claim as my own..just sit there munching something
Hmmm.. nice... i love this random fact about you :)

Sameera said...

Hey sweetie,nice tag!Great to have learnt more about you.Hugsss

umangexuberance said...

thanks...i love doing gives me a lot of peace when nothing feels right :)

umangexuberance said...

thank u
i am happy that u liked it :)
*loads of hugs* :)

FireWhisky said...

lolz... m gona do the name wala tag umang... ive already done d randoom facts... [:P] ive been tagged my mads 2 do the name thing as well...

loved reading this... i jst figured out im nt d only quirky one arnd here... n also - im a hopeless romantic as well tho i wudnt admit it ever!!!

umangexuberance said...

ya..a lot of the same tags doing the rounds :D
hehe and quirky..yeah thats me alright ;)
thanks :)

indicaspecies said...

A charming and candid post that discloses the interesting person that you are.

umangexuberance said...

thank u
its nice to know u find my narcissistic ramblings interesting :)

keep visiting